Off Subject, But Must be Said!

Today’s post is not only off-topic, but posted on a day I won’t be usually posting anything. However, this topic must be said. Just a little warning, this is a “girly” subject. But guys, don’t go away just yet, because this could apply to a special lady in your life! 

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. Now, if you don’t know what endometriosis is, allow me to explain. Endometriosis only occurs in women and is when the tissue normally lining the uterus, grows outside, typically on the outer uterus, Fallopian tubes, ovaries, pelvic wall, rectum, and/or the bladder. This disease can often, but not always, cause pelvic pain (especially during menstrual periods and/or sexual intercourse) and infertility. Ultrasounds  and sometimes pelvic exams can diagnose endometriosis. However, having diagnostic surgery is the only way to comfirm the diagnosis. Unfortunately, endometriosis is incurable. There are procedures that can remove the excess tissue in hopes of alieviating symptoms or in a woman’s effort to become pregnant. 

More on a personal note, I have battled with endometriosis for roughly two years (even though I was only diagnosed with the disease this past October), as well as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which I was diagnosed with in 2012 (but that’s another story). I was prescribed birth control pills to help the PCOS, but the pill was not right for me. I struggle to remember to take pills, and as soon as I missed one, I would get my period the very next day and have EXCRUCIATING cramps. And since I started having menstrual periods, I’ve had these torturous, immobilizing cramps accompanied by extreme mood swings, unbearable nausea, and general ickiness. And so, I had to choose between the shot or impant for birth control. I chose the implant.

Two weeks after I got the impant (and a week into my senior year of high school), I began having these excruciating, cramp-like pains in my pelvic area. These pains were so bad, I couldn’t walk. Since I couldn’t walk, I was unable to go to school. This made the first semester miserable. But thankfully, with the support from my parents, family, teachers, and boyfriend, I made it through. I had surgery in mid-October to confirm endometriosis. Normally if the doctor finds endometriosis, they’ll do the best they can to remove it. However if it is removed, endometriosis can still grow back. My doctor did not remove any endometriosis, since mine was in too small of spots to be removed. Thankfully, sometime after Christmas, my pain eased up to the point where I could go to school regularly again. I wish I could say what eased the pain, but unfortunately, my pain just comes and goes. Nothing really seems to help, but nothing seems to make it worse either. 

Now, all I can do is hope that a cure will be developed. Because no woman should go through the physical and emotional pain of endometriosis. For guys out there, be there for these women, whether it’s your girlfriend, wife, daughter, mother, or a good friend. For women out there, be strong and know you’re not alone. 💛💛💛

That’s all I have for today, wear yellow for Endometriosis Awareness Month, and normal posts will resume on Wednesday! 

5 thoughts on “Off Subject, But Must be Said!

  1. One of my closest friends has battled with endometriosis for several years now and gone through some very similar experiences to yourself. With the help and support of friends, family and her boss she has battled through and is certainly stronger as a result. Good on you for being brave enough to put this info out there in such a public way, I think it’s exactly what is needed to help raise the profile, Before my friend was diagnosed I had no idea that it even existed! Fingers crossed they find a cure and you continue to have more good days 🙂


  2. Thank you for sharing! I was diagnosed with Endo June of last year and have been striving like mad ever since to raise awareness and share stories! I love to read othes’ experiences, as it also helps with my own. Yours, Lisa

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  3. Wow! Its really good you got this information out here. I am from Nigeria, and I remembered reading someones story recently, for 3 years, every time she had the pain, her parents thought it was her “act” to skip chores, until she was recently diagnosed. Thanks for sharing, I actually just googled it last month when a few people started talking about it, but your post is really insightful. I know you will get healed someday and have pain-free days.

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  4. Good luck. I battled endo for years, spent 5 years after diagnosis trying 3 surgeries, two rounds of Lupron but unfortunately it spread to my ovaries and blocked my tubes. I opted for a hysterectomy.

    I pray on a regular basis for women that didn’t take the “easy” way out. If you ever need a person to talk to let me know. I’ve tried every therapy, surgery and pill to treat mine so I can share my experiences.


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