TRAVEL TIPS: Saving Money for Travel!

You may think you can’t travel because it’s “too expensive”, but by following these tips, YOU can finally afford that dream vacation.

Tip #1: Get rid of bad habits

Skip that Starbucks latte, magazine subscription, or even a pack of cigarettes. All that money adds up. If you spend maybe $5 on a latte once a week, that’s $260 a year. And that $260 could have paid for about 2 nights at a 4-star hotel in Paris, France. Every $5 counts! Which leads to the next tip!

Tip #2: Set aside $5 a day

That’s all it takes. If you save $5 a day, you will have $1,825! Which is enough for a round trip ticket (*Prices may vary). It shouldn’t be hard since you hopefully stopped getting that once-a-week latte.

Tip #3: Get the right credit card

Most larger names will give you “miles”, and when these miles add up, you can get some awesome travel benefits from them. Such as: FREE PLANE TICKETS! Just note, you usually have to do a lot of traveling to get a free plane ticket, but it’s possible! So when signing up for a credit card, be sure you sign up for one that has some starting miles (can range from 20,000-40,000 miles). DO YOUR RESEARCH! Some credit cards are more worthy than others!

Tip #4: Sell things 

I bet you have items around your house that you don’t need and/or don’t use. I’m guilty of hoarding stuffed animals, clothes, cosmetics, video games, and art supplies… in the past. Recently I have sold most of my stuff. I suggest trying to sell things on Ebay or Craigslist. But also I suggest having a garage sale, because you can sell pretty much anything and people will most likely buy it. By all means, sell, sell, SELL! I’ve made a couple hundred dollars from selling an old designer purse, office supplies, clothes, toys, and electronics. And that money is going in my savings account that I’ve reserved for my travels.

I hope these travel tips were helpful! Happy travels!

COMMENT CHALLENGE: Let me know in the comments below what travel tips YOU would suggest!

7 thoughts on “TRAVEL TIPS: Saving Money for Travel!

  1. Your tips are really worthy of taking into account. They do work. Skipping that latte and selling stuff you don’t need/use, I know from my own experiences. One must definitely get creative and be ready to compromise some things in order to travel more often. I often give similar advice to people around me, who complain from not having enough money for a trip when they shop like crazy.


  2. I have money directly deposited from my check into my travel account. I don’t ever see it, so I don’t miss it. I also host clothing exchanges where girls bring clothes they aren’t wearing anymore and we just swap! I haven’t spent any money on clothes in years!

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  3. Do the same thing since years! And it works! I also have a travelling jar, where I put my money from blood-donations (yes, they pay for it in germany) and my tips from work : ) I also tried to put all the change from my wallet to the jar everyday, but in case of American people that would not work that well, hah : D


  4. Plan meals ahead, then make grocery lists before you shop and skip restaurants. Impulse food costs can add up quickly and you often end up wasting other food as well.

    As suggested above, pay only in bills when possible and keep a change jar that goes towards travel (or whatever else you’re saving for).

    Don’t buy new clothes. Besides work, who is actually going out every night and needs fresh new clothes every time? No one will notice if you wear the same pants or shirt a couple times and the handful of hours between work and sleeping won’t get your clothes dirty quickly anyways.

    Skip credit and debit cards and pay with cash. Actually feeling the money leave your hands and being inconvenienced by stopping by an ATM to grab cash will make you a more cautious spender.


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