UPDATE: Possible Trip to France?

I was talking to my best friend before I left for Hawaii, and it’s been her dream to go to Paris since forever. I cannot express how jealous she was when I told her I was going on the school trip to France and Spain. Since we are graduating high school this June, and my best friend will be leaving for military training later that month, we thought it would be fun to take a trip to Paris and possibly go elsewhere in France. 

I recently found this awesome app called Hopper. What Hopper does is you put in your departing airport, where you want to go, and it will give estimated prices and the best dates you should go. It will also advise if you should buy your tickets now or wait. 

We both have enough money saved up, plus our parents would be willing to help fund our trip. Based off Hopper and lots of research, we figured departing on the 3rd of June and returning on the 10th or the 17th would be best, since it costs less than $1,000 for a ticket. 

Personally I would LOVE to go back to Paris and see more of it. But only time will tell if me and my best friend will be able to go. 

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