TRAVEL TIPS: Budgeting Money When Traveling

You finally made it to your destination, don’t ruin the fun by splurging (unless you seriously have the money to do so). Traveling is exciting, but please, follow these tips to save money when traveling! That way, you will not come home broke. Because that would suck.

Tip #1: Wait till the end of the trip to buy souvenirs.

This will ensure you don’t buy something you’ll regret later, or regret that you didn’t buy something else that you really wanted but didn’t have the money. Look around, see what you like, and if you still want it by the end of your vacation, get it.

Tip #2: For longer stays, consider Airbnb.

Airbnb is a website where travelers can rent an entire place, a private room, or a shared room for (usually) a great and cheap price. Not only does it allow you to be fully emerged in the culture and lifestyle of where you are, but you can meet some awesome people and find some hidden treasures.

Tip #3: Buy and prepare your own food.

Of course try maybe a couple of restaurants, but you will save money if you eat in. Eating out can cost a huge sum of money. If anything, local street food is (usually) cheap and delicious. Just be sure to buy it in the touristy areas, to ensure that it’s freshly made and not sitting out for a long period of time.

Tip #4: Get an international phone plan.

Seriously, it is so expensive if you don’t have an international phone plan, using data or making a simple phone call can be SUPER expensive! Be sure to call your cell phone carrier and let them know you’ll be overseas and you need an international phone plan. It shouldn’t cost more than your usual plan, but it’s worth the money.

Those are the only tips I can suggest for now, but I’m sure I’ll come up with more. Happy travels everyone!

COMMENT CHALLENGE: Let me know in the comments below what your most successful budget trip was, or what your most unsuccessful budget trip was!

7 thoughts on “TRAVEL TIPS: Budgeting Money When Traveling

  1. These are great tips! Also, figure out the local transit systems ASAP if you don’t have friends where you’re visiting. Getting around can be very cheap and you get immersed into the local culture.


  2. The souvenirs at the end of the trip really works. I went on a cruise last summer and they had gorgeous genuine opal jewellery which is my favorite stone! They were kind of pricey so I told myself at the end of the trip I would just buy the earrings although I also wanted the necklace but couldn’t afford both. Well on the last day they had a huge sale and I was able to buy both the earrings and necklace! Definitely benefits to wait till the end!


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