USA: Hawaii vs. Mainland 

Recently I’ve traveled to Hawaii for the the 7th time in my life, and I’ve noticed some differences between the islands and mainland USA. And so, I decided to share what I have observed. Note that since the U.S. is a large country and I haven’t been everywhere in the country, some things could be found elsewhere. I grew up and still currently live in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States; so most of the my observations will be compared to where I’m most familiar with. 

#1: Japanese and Korean

Due to the large Japanese population, it’s not uncommon for things to be translated into Japanese. This also applies to the large Korean population. There are also a lot of Asian restaurants, most of which have amazing and authentic food. Especially Teshima’s in Kealakekua, Hawaii (the Big Island). You will also find a lot of Japanese and Korean snacks in convenient stores, which are delicious and make me really excited to go to Japan and Korea!

#2: Roads

I’m used to having a couple main roads and then tons of side roads. It’s not like that in Hawaii. In larger towns, yes there are quite a bit of roads. Smaller towns however, do not. This is a little hard to explain, without showing you guys it. Plus the roads are kind of “curvy”, I don’t think there’s such thing as a straight road. You’re always going to be turning or going up and down. 

#3: Hawaii has its own culture

Hawaii has its own food, music, and traditions that we don’t really have on the mainland. Hawaii celebrates other holidays, such as Prince Kuhio Day, the Merry Monarch Festival, and King Kamehameha Day. Not a lot of places on mainland USA practice hula (unless you’re in a major city) and it’s not like you can turn on the radio and hear Hawaiian music. It’s like Hawaii is its own little world. If you live on the mainland and go to Hawaii, it’s like going to a completely different country. It’s amazing! 

Those are the main three differences that I’ve noticed, based on all the times I’ve been to Hawaii. I hope you enjoyed this article and happy travels! 

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