Love or Travel the World?

I figured out I’m in a bit of a dilemma. It’s something that doesn’t necessarily affect me right now, but probably will in the future. I have a boyfriend, that yes, I love very dearly. Is he the one? Maybe, and I kind of doubt that he is because we’re both young and life happens. Also, I want the travel the world. My boyfriend is content with staying home. I would like to live abroad. My boyfriend can’t since he has a criminal record (a VERY minor one).

Anyway, I realize that I might have to choose one day if I’m content with staying here in the U.S. with my boyfriend and doing some traveling here and there. Or if I’ll be happier seeing the world and all the things it has to offer. Of course I still want to get married and settle down and have kids. But I don’t want to do that right away. My boyfriend doesn’t either.

Has anybody out there have the same problem? Maybe not the same scenario, but similar? I wish I could have both, but I know I just can’t.

7 thoughts on “Love or Travel the World?

  1. Yes, life happens, but this doesn’t mean that young love is bound to fail. I know some examples that prove that wrong, but I guess it depends on one’s will to stay together.

    Traveling has always been in my blood so it’s not so surprising that I’m in a long-distance relationship (Europe-South America). I don’t think it’s a either-or question. There are so many people out there showing that we don’t have to live a common life. I’m sure you can find a compromise if you really want to. I mean, for example, I’m going to stay with my boyfriend for two months this summer but I’m also going to Asia for a month afterwards instead of staying there three months. He told me I should because he knew it is important to me. So to me, it’s about finding the right balance – I hope you get what I mean. 🙂 Can you imagine some kind of compromise?


  2. If he loves you and your passion to travel he will stick by you and go with you, or wait for you. Good luck xxx


  3. You need to do whatever you want to do. If your boyfriend loves you, he’ll be happy with your decisions.
    I’m married almost nine years. I’ve three young kids. I love travel and my wife knows that. So, when I need travel (work things… a lot) or pleasure travel solo, she never said nothing or just: “enjoy”.
    My advice: life is short, enjoy your life.
    All the best!


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