Upcoming Trips: 2015-2017

This is an updated version of my previous upcoming travels post. Just like before, all these trips are subject to change. Anyway, these are the trips that I hope to take in the near future! 


July – Canada – My family has decided we want to go back to Canada, we’re not quite sure where in Canada we would go, but we talked about just my mom and I going to Vancouver, Ottawa, and/or Toronto. 

August – Italy – This trip is more questionable. My parents said I could choose to travel as a graduation present, and if my mom went, my parents would pay for airfare. And so, I’ve been trying to convince my dad to send my mom and I to Italy. If we go according to plan, my mom and I would be in Italy for a little over two weeks. 


January – Hawaii and Singapore – Since my uncle lives in Hawaii and his condition doesn’t seem to be getting better, we have decided to return to Hawaii to visit. We will be there for the majority of January, and I myself may take my first solo excursion to Singapore. Once again, plans will probably change. However, flying from Honolulu to Singapore is cheaper than flying from Chicago to Singapore. And I would be spending about five days in Singapore.

March – Japan – I have finally decided to book my trip to Japan. I really hope this trip works out. I’ll be going alone (most likely), and if I don’t end up going to Singapore, this will be my first solo excursion! I’d plan to spend about one week in Tokyo. 

June – Ireland, England, France – Definitely not sure if I’ll be able to afford this trip, but if I save my money right, I think I’ll be able to. Ideally, I’d like to fly to Dublin, where I would have a layover anyway, so why not spend some time there? Then I would fly to London, where I would stay for a couple more days. After, I would take the train to Paris. Finally, is like to take the train around France for maybe a week, then fly back home out of Paris. 


January – Mexico and/or Costa Rica – My parents have always wanted to take me to these two places, so we wanted to spend about 3 weeks between the two countries. 

March – Spain – I want to return to Spain so badly! I loved Spain when I went with a school group, so I would love to spend a week exploring the country. I’d love to return to Madrid, as well as see other cities such as Sevilla and Valencia. 

June/July – The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway – This is a larger trip, and that’s because it will hopefully be with my boyfriend. We both would like to visit Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Helsinki, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Oslo, Norway. Even if things don’t work out with my boyfriend, I would still like to go on this excursion. 

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Trips: 2015-2017

  1. Sounds like absolutely amazing plans. It’s great to see that you’ll be able to travel that much most likely. There is nothing as amazing than travelling the world when you are still young. If you need any tips for the many European cities you plan on visiting, feel free to check out our blog (we visited pretty much all mentioned cities lately) or ask me directly 🙂

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  2. Wow! So jealous of how much travel you have coming up if it all pans out. I’m aiming for a trip to the US in 2017 or 2018 and I will need all that time to save.

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  3. Wow, those are some amazing destinations. I recently just returned from a trip to New Orleans with a few friends, and we’re already thinking about doing another group trip next year to Hawaii.


  4. Wow, you have some great destinations lined up! I just got back from Vancouver last week and absolutely loved it. The city is very walkable and there is so much beautiful green spaces to explore. My number one favorite thing was Stanley Park. We went there every day, biked, hiked, ran, etc. Enjoy!


  5. If you can get Aer Lingus in and out of Dublin for your France/England trip, it will be more cost effective. I’ve seen them consistently priced lower. Some friends are visiting Dublin and then coming home by way of France and when I helped them look at the tickets, going from Paris back for a layover in Dublin via Aer Lingus was cheapest. Good luck!


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