USA: Roadtrip from Kona to Hilo (Part 2)

Click here for part 1! 

Finally I will be starting part two of my Roadtrip from Kona to Hilo, Hawaii. I’ve been.very busy with school, since I will be graduating soon, but no I have some free-time.

Anyway, I left off with visiting Akaka Falls. The next day we started our journey back to Kona. Before we left Hilo, we stopped at the Pana’ewa Rainforest Zoo. This zoo was very impressive, especially since it has free admittance. I had heard they had a white tiger, but unfortunately the exhibit was unavailable due to renovation. It was really interesting to see some animals that I’ve never seen before, such as giant anteaters, strange birds that I can’t remember the name of, ring-tailed lemurs, and various kinds of monkeys. I’d say if you’re in Hilo, or near it, the zoo is a great place to go. Especially if you have kids. On Saturdays they having a petting zoo, but we weren’t there on a Saturday so I don’t know how that is. But it sounds cool. 




After the zoo, we also stopped at Waipio Valley, which is outside of Waimea, Hawaii. It was a beautiful overlook of the valley. I believe you can camp in the valley, but don’t quote me on that.  There was also a cute little kitten that I tried to befriend, but failed to do so. It was kind of a dumb idea, since you’re not supposed to touch the stray cats (which are everywhere). 


It took us a good 2 hours to finally return to where my uncle lives from Waimea. Overall, the trip around the island was totally worth it. I would highly recommend all the places we visited! It’s so beautiful on Hawaii, and I want everyone to see it in person. 

That concludes my roadtrip story, I hope you all enjoyed. Happy travels! 

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