TRAVEL TIPS: Being Away From Loved Ones When Traveling

I miss people easily. Especially when I’m away from home and I’m wishing those that I miss were there with me. On a 10-day trip to Europe, I missed my parents and my dog so much! I cried when I came home. Same thing happened after a 14-day road trip to Florida, I hugged my mom so tight with tears rolling down my face. And recently on my 13-day trip to Hawaii, I missed my boyfriend horribly to the point I was getting nightmares about him. 

As you can see I significantly miss people while I’m away. And yes, I may have an irrational fear of abandonment (which is supposedly common in adopted children such as myself), and I may have pretty bad social anxiety. All my experiences have helped me learn what I can do to make me feel at home when I’m away from home, and maybe these tips will help you do the same. 

Tip #1: Talk often.

When I was in France and Spain with a school group, I called my parents every other day. Just so I could tell them what’s going on and hear their voices. Calling people just to hear their voices can really help. If you can’t call, texting works too. But video chat is probably the best. You can see who you’re talking to and they can see you. It’s really nice to talk to someone like they’re really there. Also keep in mind time differences. When I was in France and Spain, I had to call towards the late afternoon or evening because it was a 6 hour time difference from home. I think it’s best to schedule times to talk. When I was in Hawaii, it was a 5 hour time difference, so my boyfriend agreed as soon as he’s get up he would talk to me. 

Tip #2: Bring something that reminds you of your loved one.

It could be a picture or any tangible item. I always have pictures of my dog on my phone, so whenever I miss my dog I can just look at pictures. On my trips to Europe and Florida, my mom pre-made some notes for every day I was gone. Also, a couple years back, I asked my then-boyfriend if I could take one of his t-shirts with me on a trip to Florida. It’s just nice to have something to remind you of someone you miss.

Tip #3: Stay busy.

If you’re busy, then you have less time to think about who you’re missing. Plus if you’re on vacation, you should be enjoying yourself. Be a little selfish for once and have some you-time. Also if you’re on vacation, why not explore where you’re at? Exploring is fun, and it can keep you busy for hours! 

This are my tips for dealing with being away from loved ones, and they work for me. But obviously they may not work for everybody. If you have any tips on this subject, please let me and other travelers know in the comments down below. I’ll hopefully be returning to blogging on a regular schedule! But until then, happy travels!

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