My Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States

I was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States. Green Bay is the third largest city in the state of Wisconsin, with a population of around 104,000. It’s a smaller city, where I wasn’t exposed to many cultures. I remember I didn’t see an African-American person in my elementary school until I was in the third grade. However I did go to school with a lot of Asian students. Green Bay consists of mostly Caucasians, but there are pretty large populations of Hispanics, Asians, native Americans, and African-Americans.

Green Bay is the home of the Green Bay Packers, a National Football Leauge team. What makes the Packers unique is that they are not owned by some rich guy like all the other NFL teams. Instead, the team is owned by the city of Green Bay. Awhile back, you could buy a “share” of the team. You don’t get anything out of it but bragging rights. And yes, I am one of those people that has bragging rights, so I can say “I own part of the Packers”. This applies to all of Wisconsin, not just Green Bay, but I’m pretty sure it’s a crime if you don’t like the Packers, beer, and cheese. I’m not joking. Here in Wisconsin, a woman can win a guy’s love by out-drinking him and staying functional. In every town in Wisconsin, I can guarantee there will be a bar, a church, and a cemetery, in that order. If you say you’re anything but a Packers fan, you will get the nastiest look in your life and be forever branded as “that dude/chick that doesn’t like the packers”.

Here in Wisconsin, we have a very large drinking culture. I remember reading somewhere that drinking 5+ alcoholic drinks is considered binge drinking, and After I read that I sat in silence, puzzled. It’s not uncommon for people to drink WAY more alcoholic drinks and not even show any sign they’re intoxicated. Unless those 5+ drinks are shots of hard alcohol. For those of you who don’t know, the drinking age in the United States is 21. Wisconsin was the last state to change the drinking age from 18 to 21. Drunk driving is a pretty big issue here. Due to the big drinking culture, we have many drunk driving cases every year. I think it’s the highest in the U.S., but don’t quote me on that.

Even though Green Bay is located right along the Green Bay and Fox River (Quick Fun Fact:The Fox river flows North rather than South like most rivers), you can’t actually swim in either body of water. Well you can, but it would be very disgusting. The Green Bay is called the Green Bay for a reason. Due to the large amount of algae in the water, the bay appears to be green. Plus, a long time ago, the city of Green Bay used to put PCBs in the water. Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) were man-made chemicals that I’m not quite sure why were put into the water and I couldn’t find information on it. Anyway, PCBs are considered to be toxic waste, but by the time the city stopped, there was about a 50-year buildup in the water. Thus, people are not recommended to swim in the bay directly by Green Bay or swim in the Fox River. Instead of being able to swim, we have a local amusement park called Bay Beach. Free admission, but you have to pay for tickets to go on the rides. Rides include a ferris wheel, carousel, a roller coaster, and various other rides. The roller coaster is the main attraction: The Zippin Pippin. Before being relocated to here in Green Bay, it was in Memphis at a theme park called LibertyLand. It was Elvis Presley’s favorite roller coaster. Apparently, he would rent out the entire park just to ride the Zippin Pippin without a line.

As you can imagine, it was a pretty big deal when it was announced that the roller coaster was going to be coming to Bay Beach. That is pretty much the basic outline about my hometown. Pretty boring but it’s home. Anyway, if any of you have any questions, just ask! I hope you all enjoyed this article. Happy travels!

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