UPDATE: Travel Withdrawl

Yeah Yeah, I know I haven’t been posting as frequently as I used to. However, that’s mostly because either I don’t have ideas for posts that I think people would like or I’ve been enjoying being a new high school graduate. Also I would like to add, I haven’t traveled on a big trip since I went to Hawaii back in March. And unfortunately, my parents may be backing out of taking me on a trip in August because of their “busy” schedule. I would go on my own, but my parents won’t let me and I just don’t have the resources to travel solo yet.

Since this is a travel blog, I feel like I haven’t been able to provide sufficient information, stories or tips about travel since I haven’t recently gone anywhere. Last summer I went to a handful of places, I went on a school trip to France and Spain, I went down to Illinois for a leadership conference, and then I went on a road trip to Florida with my girl scout troop. It’s July now, and the furthest I’ve gone was Milwaukee.

I’m just getting super anxious, because I was hoping my parents would follow through with plans to go somewhere. It’s been super frustrating, especially since they won’t let me go anywhere on my own.

Anyway, that’s where my life is right now. I’m planning on posts becoming more regular in the near future!

2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Travel Withdrawl

  1. Keep your head up right now even though this does sound frustrating indeed. I’m sure your parents will “make up for this summer” someday 🙂


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