CANADA: Is the Toronto Zoo Worth it?

Recently I have visited Toronto with my parents and we decided to visit the Toronto Zoo, which is known as the largest zoo in Canada and its 500+ species. I was very excited to go, because I am an animal lover, and I was excited to see what the Internet was raving about. I went in having high hopes, and well… I was quite disappointed. 

Now a women I overheard at the zoo summed up my feelings perfectly: “If you’re a real animal activist, you will love that the animals are all spaced out far, but for regular people, this blows”. I mean seriously, you pretty much had to walk half a mile between exhibits, they had a “ZooMobile” that we were told “Takes you to all the major themes” but only goes to 4 of the 9 major themes, and everything was so… boring. Like the atmosphere, I felt like I was just walking through a remote park and then “oh look, there’s buffalo”, it wasn’t colorful, no interactive or even educational things for kids. 

The zoo was pretty much empty, we saw some adults walking around, but no kids. Then when we passed the small water park within the zoo, holy cow kids everywhere! 

Anyway, for adults its $28 (Canadian) and $18 (Canadian) for children. And unless you want to walk through 6 miles with some animals, I wouldn’t reccommend going to the Toronto Zoo.

One thought on “CANADA: Is the Toronto Zoo Worth it?

  1. We think more and more visitors -as well as animal lovers and zoo keepers – would love to start over with zoos. The concept and layouts jut don’t work well for what we know about many animals.


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